Quickly Ninjas…what will this catering cost me?

The costs vary from catering to catering, and are specific to your requests and needs. Here are some key points that will help determine your costs:

  • The complexity of the catering menu.
  • The number of guests.
  • Type of catering style requested.
  • Hours of service requested and distance of your location (Buffet and The-Food-Truck-Experience).


  1. Buffet With The Food Truck (best choice for larger catering):
    We will roll out the RiceWorks food truck to your location and offer the custom menu that you put together. We will also set-up tables, warmers, chafing dishes, and all of the necessary serve-ware. Your guests will be able to self-serve, and we will replenish the food throughout the catering. Costs: Gratuity, food truck set-up fee.
  2. The-Food-Truck-Experience (popular choice for medium to large catering) Spring and Summer seasons only:
    We will roll out the RiceWorks food truck and offer the custom menu that you put together. Guests will order from the truck, and the food will be made to order. Guests will be able to order to their specific needs, but serve times may be slower than the Buffet Style. This is perfect for guests interested in the food truck ambiance for their catering. Added costs: Gratuity, food truck set-up fee.
  3. Take-Out (best choice for smaller catering):
    We will schedule a time for pick-up and have your food ready 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. All food will be in disposable containers.
  4. Drop-Off (small to large caterings)
    We will have your food ready and delivered at your scheduled drop-off time to your specified location. All food will be in disposable trays. Added costs: Delivery.

Catering Ones…Twos…and Threes!

Please fill out the catering request form below and we will get back to you as quickly as Ninjas possibly can!

  1. Estimate how many guests that you want to have catered.

    The minimum for drop-off catering is 10 entrees. Please update us at least week prior to the catering date if there are any changes in the final headcount.

  2. Set a date and location for your catering.

    Please allow at least 24 hours in advance for smaller caterings and 48+ hours in advance for larger caterings.

  3. Select menu items and catering style.

    Glance at our menu offerings and choose which items look and sound deeRishIsh to you. Please let us know if you are interested in something that may not be on our restaurant menu, we are able to build custom menu's to cater to your needs. Our catering staff will also contact you shortly after your catering request and can help answer any questions!